Naagin 4 spoiler: Brinda up against her sister Nayantara, Shalaka and Brinda fight for Dev’s affection

16 March, 2020 | newsx bureau

Naagin 4 Entertainment

Naagin 4 has become one of the most-watched television shows and its because of the never-ending twists that keep on unravelling in the show one such twist is to be unravelled in the upcoming episo...

Naagin 4 has been putting out high on drama episodes each subsequent weeks, and with the introduction of Rashmi Desai in the serial as Shalaka the interest of the audiences have peaked and the makers are looking to capitalize on it by putting Shalaka in the centre of the plot with her marrying Dev and becoming another hurdle in the path of Brinda, however, things are set to change with the revelation that Shalaka is none other than Brinda’s sister Nayantara resurrected by Vish with an all-new face.
Shalaka played by Rashmi Desai has become a fan favourite upon her arrival in the show and has been displaying grey shades, however, Shalaka is doing so as she is unaware that Brinda is her sister and is posing a threat for her by marrying Dev and supporting him as she is not only unaware of the fact that Brinda is her sister bu also that Dev killed Manyata her mother.
The upcoming episodes will put Brinda head to head with Shalaka, which will lead to both the sisters reuniting as while fighting each other they will finally realise that they share the same bloodline and should reunite to avenge the murder of their mother Manyata, this will finally give Brinda an ally in the battle that has so far been Brinda up against almost everyone.

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However, their reunion is still a long shot as prior to that both the sisters will be seen battling against each other for Dev who has become a  common thread between the two as Brinda is his ex-wife while Shalaka or Nayantara is his current wife, Nayanatara has already established her place in the Parikh family which has made the dynamic between the two sisters all the more interesting as the Parikh family resents the mere site of Brinda while they are totally drolling over Shalaka.