Namaste Trump: US President Donald Trump addresses Indian audience at Motera Stadium, here are highlights

24 February, 2020 | newsx bureau

Namaste Trump National

US President Donal Trump expressed the crowd at the Motera Stadium, Ahmedabad on Monday. Trump praises Prime Minister Narendra Modi for making an incredible India. Here is the full speech.

US President Donal Trump expressed the crowd at the Motera Stadium, Ahmedabad on Monday that he is proud to call Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi his friend as he works tirelessly for his nation. Trump assured that America will always be a loyal friend to India. Trump recalls the visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s to America, he said America welcomed PM Modi at a giant football stadium in Texas. He felt honoured as India welcome him at the world’s largest cricket stadium.

Trump said that he will always remember India for its phenomenal hospitality. He added that India holds a special place in America’s heart. Then he addressed PM Modi and said he began as a  Tea Seller, everyone loves him but he is a tough man. Trump called the Motera Stadium a proof of India’s achievement with hard work, he gave credit to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for this incredible rise. He said that in just 70 years India has become the largest democracy and greatest nation of the world. He praises Bollywood, culture, communities and languages of India.

US President promised 3 Billion Dollar defense deal with India, he said that he is here to expand Indo-American relationships. Trump said America wanted India to become their premier defense partner. PM Modi, Trump to sign the deal on Tuesday. He also talks about terror control in Pakistan. While talking about the big deals with India, trump said PM Modi is a big negotiator, but they will make some big deals to enhance the economy of both the nations.  Donald Trump also praised the Chandrayan II program, he said the US is looking forward to co-operating with India. He added that the US and India will be partners in the journey to the stars.

Trump concluded his speech by saying that he loves India a lot. He said, pride for the glorious past and unite for a better future. God bless America, God bless India, he added