The municipal administrative body stated on Tuesday that all eligible individuals in Mumbai above the age of 18 had been properly vaccinated against COVID-19.

More than 14 months after the nationwide roll-out of the coronavirus inoculation effort, Mumbai has reached the full immunization milestone, stated BMC executive health officer Mangala Gomare.

BMC official stated that in the 18+ category, 1,02,96,917 initial doses have been provided, resulting in a vaccination rate of 111 percent. The city has reached 93 percent immunization in the population aged 12 or more.

Out of the original target of 1,02,44,843 people, 94,92,511 people have received a second dosage of the vaccination.

According to BMC data, the city was only 15,000 doses short from achieving the goal of 100% COVID-19 vaccination of adults as of Friday, April 1.

On April 4, when the vaccination push started after the weekend, it was fascinating to watch how Mumbaikars had surpassed the 100% immunization threshold.