Thiruvananthapuram: A special CBI court here on Tuesday pronounced 13 accused guilty for the 2009 murder of Paul Muthoot George, who was stabbed to death.
The court said nine people were directly involved in the killing while four were guilty of destroying evidence. One man was set free.
A bachelor, George, 32, belonged to the wealthy Muthoot business family, and his killing near Alappuzha on August 21, 2009, had created a sensation in Kerala.
He was then in a car with Om Prakash and Rajesh, two men who face several criminal cases.
The Central Bureau of Investigation, which took up the case in January 2010, held that the person who stabbed George to death was K. Satheesh.
The provocation came after George’s speeding vehicle knocked down a two-wheeler. The accused and his friends who saw the accident followed George, stopped him and, after a verbal duel, killed him.
The killer gang was on its way to eliminate another person when they ended up murdering George. 
The CBI held a total of 18 people guilty in this and another case.