MUMBAI: Sheena Bora’s murder allegedly by her mother is getting a new face with experts pointing out their concerns and considering that negative parenting was the root cause behind Indrani Mukerjea being an extreme cold-hearted and ruthless person.
Wife of former Star India CEO, Peter Mukerjea, Indrani Mukerjea was reportedly a victim of parental abuse in her childhood, ‘which could be one of the reasons that she might have developed a maladaptive coping mechanism leading to dysfunctional personality issues, poor impulse control and, the inability to think about the consequences that would emerge from their actions’, explained Dr. Sameer Malhotra, Director (Mental health and behavioural sciences) at Max Super Speciality Hospital in New Delhi..
The failed relationships of Indrani in the past, adding to which was the disconnection with her children, could be considered as one of the reasons of her disregarding her children as a part of her family. 
“Since the mother-child bond was not nurtured and she had no rapport with her children, it is possible that she did not regard them as family but saw them only as adversaries out to destroy her life and achievements,” Dr. Malhotra added.
On the other hand, Dr Samir Parikh, Director of mental health and behavioural sciences at Fortis Hospital in New Delhi believed that although several factors are involved for a person to commit a heinous crime like murder, “right counselling can help improve parenting skills in such people.”
The only attempt of highlighting this reason is to mark the same as one of the reasons which led Indrani to commit a heinous crime like murder. This is also a part of all those assumptions which have been given by different people behind committing this murder. Experts say any negative interaction can have a deep impact on child’s personality and adult behavioural patterns.
The answer to the question as to why did Indrani take such a heart shaking step is still unanswered. It really takes courage and lot more than just a reason for killing your own daughter. All we hope is that the layers are soon unfolded and Sheena is brought to justice with the guilty being punished. With the speedy actions of our police department, it is hoped that the case will be resolved soon and guilty, punished. 
(With inputs from IANS)