TELANGANA: Ragging terror has once again gulped an innocent life and has again proved that in spite of so many anti-ragging laws, colleges fail to protect its students from the ragging and compel them to take an extreme step such as committing suicide. 
In another shocking episode, 18-year-old V. Sainath, a first-year engineering student of a private college in Warangal district of Telangana, allegedly committed suicide after going through rough ragging by seniors. The fatal action was completed by him by jumping before a running train with an attempt to be free from the pain and torture of ragging permanently.
The young boy was a native of Ramakrishnapuram in Adilabad district of Telangana. He was not seen since the time he last left his hostel on 31st August, in the afternoon. Kazipet Railway Police Inspector Madhusudan told that they received a complaint from the railway authorities, at 12.20 am stating that they had found a body on the tracks at Vadepally. It seemed like Sainath had laid down on the tracks and a train ran over him therefore, resulting in his death. 
The officer also informed that a suicide note was found from his wallet, in which he blamed that ragging by his seniors was the reason for his death, thereby closing the case of his suicide bluntly and clearly. The note stated “Please stop ragging.” 
He showed his helplessness via the note which said, “I wouldn’t have reached this situation had seniors not ragged me.” 
The traumatic experience which he underwent clearly comes out with his suicide note showing his pain and vulnerability. However with no names being mentioned in the suicide note, there is no clarity on the identification of the seniors but the police is probing into the matter. 
The body of Sainath was shifted to a local hospital for post-mortem and other formalities. His family and relatives have been asked to file a complaint if they find any villainy or murderous motive behind the death. 
It is really sad, how people just for the sake of their sheer entertainment, torture their juniors to the extent of compelling them to take their lives. It is high time that anti-ragging laws are applied as well instead of just being there in the books for record purposes.  

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