MUMBAI: Sheena Bora murder mystery is developing every minute as the interrogation by police is proceeding. In the most recent development, the police on Wednesday raided homes of Indrani Mukerjea’s current husband, TV tycoon Peter Mukerjea and former husband Sanjeev Khanna in a bid to find more clues about Sheena Bora’s death. 
After landing at Peter Mukerjea’s house in Worli, the Mumbai Police took away some documents along with a laptop and diary.
In the other search at Khanna’s Kolkata house, the police seized some financial documents and electronic gadgets.
The move by the police was initiated even as all three including Indrani, Peter and Sanjeev continue to be probed at the Khar Police Station in Mumbai. According to the reports, all three are expected to be brought face-to-face for questioning.
The police have also quizzed Peter Mukerjea regarding his financial transactions and business dealings, sources inform adding that they are also trying to confirm if there was any money parked with Sheena and if this was the source of discord that may have led to the murder.
Indrani Mukerjea is accused of killing her daughter from previous relationship, Sheena Bora in 2012 reportedly with the help of former husband Sanjeev Khanna and driver Shyam Rai.
24-year-old Sheena was allegedly killed in a car following which her body was burnt and dumped at a forest in Raigad, approximately 84 km from Mumbai. 
For three years, Indrani told her family and friends that Sheena had shifted to the US. Sidhharth Das, who claimed to be Sheena’s biological father on Tuesday said that he was not in touch with Indrani ever since she left him.