Mumbai: The complex shell in which the Sheena Bora’s murder mystery is trapped has one more layer added to it now. After so many explanations given behind her murder, one more factor has emerged out with the revelation of Sheena’s thoughts and feelings about her parents, written by her in a personal diary in 2003. The diary was recovered by police from Peter Mukerjea’s residence. 
The diary expresses her anger with her mother. It reveals the sour relationship between the mother and daughter. Sheena was lonely, depressed and unhappy, especially with her mother, the diary reportedly explains. Sheena also expressed her unhappiness over Indrani and Peter Mukerjea’s marriage and questioned as to why her mother married an old person. 
Sheena missed her father but was annoyed with him due to lack of contact from his side. She wrote, “Daddy I’m angry with you.” She felt lack of importance of her in her parents’ life’ and wrote, “I didn’t have time to write to you but you should have written it to me.” 
Sheena expressed her extreme hatred for her mother, Indrani, via her diary. She detested Indrani to this extent that, she did not even spare her from abusing. Using abusive language for Indrani, she wrote, “I hate my mother. The bloody b****.” 
Sheena’s friends, in Guwahati did tell that Sheena was a lonely child and now the same has been proved with the diary. She expressed her loneliness in the diary and mentioned that she had no expectations from her future.