MUMBAI: After getting some bits of confession from Indrani Mukerjea, the mother and one of the accused in Sheena Bora’s murder, the attention has now shifted to former star India CEO, Peter Mukerjea, Indrani’s third husband, wherein the police is seeking Peter’s bank account details in Britain and Spain. The details about his company are also being collected by the Mumbai Police.
Peter Mukerjea, the step father of deceased Sheena Bora and another accused in the case is getting the noose tightened on him with the increasing and rigorous investigation of police. Mumbai Police had written to the Registrar of companies demanding the company details of Peter Mukerjea. The police are also preparing to write to the authorities in Britain and Spain where both, Peter and Indrani have bank accounts. (Also Read: Indrani Mukerjea admits her involvement in Sheena Bora’s murder?)
With a speedy inquiry into the case, this step has been taken just a day after an aggressive interrogation by the police, where Indrani Mukerjea has finally confessed to her involvement in her daughter’s murder case. However, what all she has confessed to is yet not disclosed. (Also Read: Sheena’s Diary confirms her sour relationship with her mother, Indrani Mukerjea)
 Peter Mukerjea was also interrogated by Mumbai police on Wednesday after which the police is trying to bring some hidden secrets out with the help of the information obtained by them of his company and bank accounts.  
With another string attached to this case, it is hoped that the police will be able to collect some relevant information and will be able to substantiate the allegations put on Indrani and Peter Mukerjea.  

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