Indrani Mukerjea, like a serial killer, went on take every precaution after killing her daughter, Sheena Bora. Indrani and her ex-husband, Sanjeev Khanna, listed all the ‘precautions’ they took while carrying the body to Raigad and disposing it. 
After killing Sheena, on 24th April, 2012, they kept the body in the garage of Indrani’s Worli building for the night. The next day, at 5 in the morning, they left for Raigad. Indrani also applied lipstick to Sheena, combed her hair and even put perfume on the body to elude police in the occurrence of a nakabandi.
Sheena’s Body was taken to Raigad, wherein it was burnt and then pushed into the ravines in Pen tehsil.
It has also emerged that, after disposing of Sheena’s body, Indrani asked one of her employees to create a proxy hotmail account, on the notice that Sheena was occupied in the US and therefore had asked her mother to create one for her. From this account, Indrani sent a Resignation letter to Reliance One Metro, where Sheena worked then, a letter to Sheena’s landlord cancelling the license agreement and several mails to Michael, Vidhie and Peter. 
Indrani also sent text messages Rahul, from Sheena’s phone, expressing her desire to break off their relationship as she was shifting to the US. 
Indrani had planned a full-proof murder, and the intensity with which she planned all this and took the precautions, shows the intensity of desire with which she wanted to kill Sheena.