Delhi:The wait is over. OROP Scheme has been finally announced by government.
Following are some of the highlights of the event:
  • Government open to further modifications in OROP.
  • OROP to be given in effect from Jul, 2014
  • Base year for OROP is 2013
  • Revision of Pension will b done every five years
  • Arrears will be paid in two half-yearly instalments
  • Person who voluntarily retired will not be provided OROP benefit  
  • Present cost of OROP is around Rs. 8000-10000 cr.

Veterans’ reaction to the announcement:

  • Protection Clause has not been taken into consideration
  • If premature resignation is not considered, then they are going to protest till death, Says Satbir Singh (Retd. General)
  • Only partially satisfied
  • OROP must cover personnel taking VRS
  • Need clarification on VRS issue
  • Reject government’s five-yearly reviews plan
  • Will carry on with their agitation

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