DELHI: Congress President Sonia Gandhi during a meeting of the Congress Working Committee (CWC) on Tuesday attacked the Central government headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and said that PM Modi ‘has been reduced to unedifying flip-flops creating confusion on what he really stands for.’
With an intention of highlighting the inefficiency of the present government, Gandhi also said that Modi government is “out of touch” with the ground realities, with the reference to the u-turn on the Land Ordinance.
Pointing towards the targeted jawans and civilians by the neighbouring country, the Congress President once again targeted Modi government stating that it had no coherent policy and strategy to deal with the neighbouring country. She said, “Government can’t seem to make up its mind on Pak.”
Hitting at the promises and statements by PM Modi at the time of the campaigning rallies of Lok Sabha elections, 2014, Gandhi said, “Modi’s promises were Hawa-Baazi.”
Highlighting the different sectors, she also mentioned that since the Modi government has come into power-
The economic growth has dipped from 7.5% to 7%
No job creation in last 15 months
The Sensex has flashed below 25000
The Rupee is at a two year low
The security situation has deteriorated
The media is being threatened with notices and other repressive measures, writers are being eliminated
It looks more like that the Modi government is controlled by RSS
She made sure to mention all the topics where the government seems to be lacking upon including, issues related to industrial growth, inflation, labour reforms, which the government made promises upon before coming into the power. 
The meeting of the CWC was held to discuss the political situation in the country, to decide upon the poll strategy for Bihar Assembly elections.
The term of Sonia Gandhi, to complete 17 years as the Party President, is to end in December.
The latest in this regard-
Sonia Gandhi to remain Congress top boss as she gets one year extension. Seems like Rahul Gandhi will have to wait for another year for his coronation as the President of the Party.