NEW DELHI: In a response to the bitter remarks passed by Congress President Sonia Gandhi today in CWC meeting on Narendra Modi’s government, HRD Minister Smriti Irani broke her silence and has smashed out all of the allegations raised by Gandhi against the present government. 
Irani mentioned about some hard hitting facts about the Congress led UPA government which include: 
The land of the farmers was confiscated, promising them to build a cycle factory on the same but instead, the land was instead used for their own Family Trust. It was BJP government, which compensated farmers for their lands taken for metro, railway and road construction.
Congress led UPA government eliminated 13 major acts out of the Land Acquisition Act. BJP government included all these acts back in the Land Acquisition Act.
It was in 2009 and 2011 that some ministers of the Congress stated that it was difficult to provide OROP due to financial rigidity. It was then BJP which issued the OROP scheme again by taking it into effect from 1st July, 2014.
It was under Congress led UPA government that, 2G scam and Coal Allocation scam happened. But with the BJP government coming into power, it has succeeded in adding Rs. 3,35,000 cr. from coal allocation, Rs. 1,10,000 cr. from the auction of spectrum in Indian Treasury. This is no “Hawa-baazi” but “hakikat.”
Making banks approachable to the poor (Jan-Dhan Yojna), was not made possible by Congress in sixty years. It was BJP who succeeded in doing just in a span of only a year. Under this scheme, more than 17 cr. bank accounts were opened and more than Rs. 20,000 cr. were deposited in the banks
Mudra Yojna, Insurance at the premium of Re. 1 per month, Naga Peace Accord are some of the other accomplishments of the BJP government in past one year. (Also read: Government can’t seem to make up its mind on Pak: Sonia Gandhi)
Smriti Irani clearly mocked Sonia Gandhi saying, “Sonia has no right to attack PM Modi.” It appears that BJP is no more going to entertain such comments passed by the opposition parties. 



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