DELHI: Two Nepalese women were rescued from the house of a Saudi Arabian diplomat in Gurgaon. The women, aged 50 and 20, reportedly a mother-daughter duo have given the police a painful account of torture, slavery and gang-rape. The two were sent for the medical examination, which confirmed sexual assault.

Belonging to Nepal, the duo had come to Delhi in search of some domestic work. They were sent to Delhi with a man named Anwar. Anwar sent them to Saudi’s flat to work there as maids.

Initially, the Saudi sent them to Jeddah, where they were forced to work in a hotel. Things turned ugly after they returned to Gurgaon a couple of weeks ago. The two told that the Saudi not only started thrashing them but also raped them repeatedly.

Some of the Saudi’s friends, who used to come to the flat for body massage, also raped them.

The women were rescued, when the third women, who succeeded in eloping from Saudi’s flat. She left her phone behind while fleeing so that the other two could be reached with the help of it.

This proved to be a lifeline for the other two women as the police were able to reach them by contacting them on that phone.

It is yet to be confirmed if the accused enjoys diplomatic immunity. If he does, then there might be complications in the investigation and it will be carried out with reference to the directions given by ministry of external affairs.

Keeping in mind that there is no FIR against the accused and also the authentication around his diplomatic immunity, no arrest can be made as of now. Abha Singh, Lawyer and activist, reacted on the situation saying, “It is necessary that the Delhi police register an FIR.”