EXCLUSIVE: Asasuddin Owaisi, President, AIMIM, having the capacity to alter dramatic equations in Bihar, is making up his mind to enter Bihar and contest Bihar elections. 
He was seen saying on NewsX, “We will definitely decide about participating or not participating in the Bihar elections in a day or two.”
Reports also reveal that Owaisi’s party is planning to contest on 25 seats in the upcoming Bihar elections.
On being questioned as to why, Mulayam Singh Yadav, Supremo of Samajwadi Party is going out of his way to keep Owaisi out of state, Owaisi replied, “It shows the insecurity of the Samajwadi Party.”
The confirmation will be given by the party in a day or two. 
Let’s see what twists and turns, the entry of this Party, brings in Bihar

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