MUMBAI: Sensational details are emerging in the ongoing investigation of Sheena Bora murder case. According to the reports, Sheena was blackmailing her mother Indrani Mukerjea, the prime accused in the case for a three-BHK flat in Bandra (W) and the police is suspecting that this could be the main reason that Indrani decided to kill her daughter Sheena Bora.
Indrani is in the judicial custody till September 21 for allegedly strangulating Sheena on April 24, 2012. Two more accused including Indrani’s former husband Sanjeev Khanna and driver Shyamvar Rai are in the custody along with Sheena. After the murder, Sheena Bora’s body was disposed of in Raigad district the next day. 
Driver Rai while recording his statement with the Khar police reportedly mentioned that Indrani was extremely violent while killing Sheena in the car and she continued to say, “Now you take your three BHK flat in Bandra.”
At the time of the investigation of witnesses that also included Indrani Mukerjea’s current husband Peter Mukerjea and his son from previous marriage Rahul Mukerjea and Indrani’s son and Sheena Bora’s brother Mikhail Bora, it was also revealed that Sheena was blackmailing Indrani for exposing her secrets to her husband Peter. 
But, as Indrani asked Sheena to keep shut, the latter reportedly demanded a three BHK flat in return to maintain her silence. Sanjeev Khanna, Indrani’s partner in crime has confirmed the statement given by Rai. 
It is also believed by the police that when Sheena informed Indrani about getting married to Rahul, Indrani was disturbed and at several times asked her daughter to end up her relationship with Rahul as they were step siblings. However, Sheena did not pay any heed to her mother’s suggestion and instead threatened Indrani that she would expose her lies to Peter. 
Later, Sheena was engaged to Rahul but at the same time, when Indrani objected to their relationship, Rahul’s father Peter did not object to his relationship with Sheena. 
The third suspected reason for Sheena Bora’s murder case is assets. The police believe that Indrani was jealous and insecure that she could lose control over Peter’s assets if Sheena was married to Rahul. 
Reports also suggest that Indrani was already upset that her kids Mikhail and Sheena often used to blackmail her by threatening to expose her secrets to Peter and if Sheena was married to Rahul, Indrani would have certainly lost her control from the household. 

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