SRINAGAR:A marathon in Srinagar turned into a Pro-Pak rally, when some of the protestor started shouting Pro-Pak slogans. Clashes erupted between the protestors and security personnel, after the protestors shouting slogans supporting Pakistan. 

The event, ‘The Big Kashmir Marathon,’ was attended by thousands of people in a cheerful and lively atmosphere. Things turned sour when some of the people raised Pakistan flag and started shouting Pro-Pak slogans. 
Massive chaos occurred, the stage was vandalised and the participants were threatened. 
Mehbooba Mufti, President, PDP, while talking exclusively to NewsX expressed her grief over the incident saying, “It was very unfortunate. They will not be forgiven and we will make sure that they are send behind the bars.”
Seems like, some people had probably come to the event with the intention of raising their point through Pakistan flag and slogans.