MUMBAI:The continuous twists and turns in Sheena Bora’s murder mystery, has a fresh twist attached to it now
The interrogation by the Khar Police revealed that Indrani Mukerjea allegedly killed her daughter Sheena Bora. At home, she was abusive towards her current husband, Peter Mukerjea. 
Police sources close to investigation have claimed Peter Mukerjea spoken to of her aggressive and domineering behaviour at home. 
Indrani was indeed aggressive, at times abusive with him and, often domineering on most of the issues that used to crop up, especially on matters related to property.
Peter Mukerjea told Police that “Indrani was very aggressive and domineering,” And he “Often faced her wrath on property matters.” 
Police reports have also indicated that some of the properties were on joint ownership, which means, they were in the names of both, Indrani Mukerjea and, Peter Mukerjea, which is why those quarrels did erupt. 
Also, if sources are to be believed, the major reason behind Indrani Mukerjea killing Sheena Bora was her demand of a 3BHK apartment. (Also Read: ‘Now take your 3BHK’, Indrani said while killing Sheena Bora)
Money and property seem to play a major role in this murder mystery. 
Looks like, money was an important part in Indrani’s life.