GUJARAT: Gujarat, which was ruled by Prime Minister Narendra Modi as the Chief Minister, has been ranked on the top in the lndex of ‘Ease of Doing Business,’ by the World Bank. Andhra Pradesh and Jharkhand have been ranked 2nd and 3rd respectively.  
The report puts to silence all the allegations put by Congress on Narendra Modi on the issue that, he might talk about business but the social entices in Gujarat very bad.  
It can be said that indeed there is a model of development in Gujarat, which Modi had talked about in 2014. 
It will definitely help Modi politically and Anandiben Patel, who took over the charge as Gujarat CM after Modi’s exit.
The report being announced when the Bihar Elections are around the corner, it is sure to be counted as one of the advantages for BJP in the same.  
It can be said, that it is a good point on which Modi can attack Nitish Kumar but, not a point on which he can get votes. 

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