GUJARAT: The recent protests by Patidar community for giving reservations to the Patels in University education and government jobs, has another tail added to it.
Emptying of Bank accounts by Patels in Gujarat to show their annoyance with the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party, is the latest development in this regard. 
The Patels are withdrawing money from their accounts in the Cooperative banks to pull the support they had traditionally extended to the present government. 
Babubhai Patel, a retired government servant went to a bank in North Gujarat to make a withdrawal. The act of emptying the account was a sign of protest against BJP. 
He said, ”It doesn’t matter if I lose out on the interest I am withdrawing two lakhs fixed deposit from the bank. Only if we stop cooperating economically government will understand our issue.”
Patels, found primarily in the Indian state of Gujarat, are mainly Hindu groups, whose ancestors belonged to the Landlords community. 
Recently, the protests led by Hardik Patel demanding reservations for his community rest on the reason that now the community is no longer confined to landowning and so the youth of the community should be given reservation in education and government jobs. 

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