NEW DELHI: Robert Vadra’s name has been removed from the VIP’s list at airports. The ministry of Civil Aviation announced it today.  
MoCA did not see any sort of security issues around Vadra and it was down only for facilitation process and so it decided that even for facilitation process Robert Vadra was not needed to be in the list of VVIPs list. Robert Vadra is the only person whose name has been removed from the list. 
Mahesh Sharma, MoS, Civil Aviation, while talking to NewsX said, “He was not a VIP. If he was travelling with Rahul Gandhi or other family members, then only he was avoided from frisking.”
Sanju Verma, Spokesperson, BJP, “Robert Vadra is not a high profile politician, he is not a celebrity.” 
Robert Vadra , son-in-law of Congress President Sonia Gandhi, had mocked BJP for not removing his name from the VIPs list.
Mahesh Sharma, MoS, Civil Aviation, said in response to the same, “Two days before, when Mr. Vadra had himself posted his ideas on Facebook that he doesn’t want him to be included in VIP list, then government has no choice except to accept his choice.”

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