NEW DELHI: Following his controversial remarks on Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam that the late former President ‘was a nationalist in spite of being a Muslim’; Union Culture Minister Mahesh Sharma has now shot to another controversy by saying that girls wanting a girls’ night out is not acceptable in India.
“Girls wanting a night out may be all right elsewhere but it is not part of Indian culture,” Sharma told a private TV channel.
54-year-old MP from Noida has been in news lately for all wrong reasons, while the opponents have described his comments as ‘regressive’ and an ‘attack on India’s composite culture’.
Sharma on his long association with the RSS said, “”Has there been any act of RSS against national interest? Then why criticize RSS? What is wrong in discussing national policy with RSS?”
The first time MP from Noida has stressed on the support he extended for the meat ban in some parts of country during the Jain festival. “Why is it wrong to ban meat for a few days if I want to respect some community? Don’t we have bans during navratras, don’t we have certain bans during Roza-Iftaaris? So what is wrong in respecting sentiments of a particular community? It is a small sacrifice for just two days,” he said.
Earlier on Thursday, Sharma had created a major controversy with his remark when he said that late Dr. Kalam was seen as a slight for the minorities.  “Aurangzeb Road ka naam bhi badal kar ek aise mahapurush ke naam par kiya hai jo Musalman hote hue bhi inta bada rashtravadi aur manavtavadi insaan tha (We have renamed it after someone who was a humanitarian and a nationalist despite being a Muslim),” he had told a news channel.
His remark against Dr. Kalam who was respected by each soul gained reactions from several opposition parties with Congress calling it ‘vicious’. 
Sharma said, “I respect Bible and Quran but they are not central to the soul of India in same the way as Gita and Ramayana are.”

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