MUMBAI: In the latest development in the Sheena Bora murder mystery, the Mumbai Police is now getting to set up an inquiry on the Nair hospital claims. Nair hospital has claimed that the remains which were found three years ago and the remains which were sent for DNA matching are different. 
Forensic experts have confirmed that Sheena’s 2012 samples don’t match with recent remains.
Letters have been sent to JJ Hospital and Pen Police to clear their positions. (Also Read: Sheena murder: Judicial custody of accused extended)
JJ hospital had blamed Pen cops that they had send the remains of the wrong body, which lead to the entire confusion.  
Pen Cops have informed that they had sent humerus samples to JJ Hospital and no teeth, bone or vertebrae samples were sent. Whereas, JJ Hospital gave Khar cops the samples of teeth, bone and vertebrae but no humerus sample. (Also Read: Sheena Bora Murder Case: As clinching evidence goes missing, Sheena murder mystery deepens)
Also, the Pen cops provided an entire chronicle to JJ hospital with record of all that they founded but the same record was not forwarded to the Khar cops. 
Such a revelation, in this already complex case, has lead to utter confusion and the clarification on the same is awaited.