NEW DELHI: It is no hidden fact that the Indian workers most of the time face real tough time in the Middle East countries. One of the major concerns of any Indian worker in these countries is the lack of rights and pathetic working conditions and atmosphere. 
But at the same time, thousands of those who chose countries such as Saudi Arabia for work, primarily for construction work is often not by choice but a compulsion driven by poverty in their native country.
In one of the most recent episodes, a viral video shows that an Indian engineer is being mercilessly beaten up by a Saudi engineer. 
The video that is nearly two minute long shows an Indian worker engaged in the Grand Mosque expansion work in the holy city of Mecca beaten up by the Saudi man. While he pleads for mercy, the Saudi engineer continues to kick and flog him. Adding more to the shame, the man in complete white attire also spits on the Indian worker.
The video has reportedly triggered a major debate in Saudi Arabia over the rights of workers there.