IRELAND: Prime Minister Modi arrived in Ireland on Wednesday, taking a stopover en route USA. His Irish counterpart Enda Kenny not just gave him a warm welcome but also presents to carry back home in India.  
Irish PM gifted Modi the official jersey of the Irish Cricket team personalized with Modi’s name. The jersey was a combination of both, Irish love of green and Indian love of cricket. 
Also, the objects, Sliotar and Hurley, used in the Irish game ‘Hurling’ were also presented to him.
PM Modi, the first Prime Minister to visit Ireland in 60 years had not gone to Ireland without any preparations. Even he took with himself presents in return for PM Kenny which included papers and special manuscripts from the National Archives of India. 
Along with this, he also gifted Kenny, an Irish shamrock made in India.
Modi will head to New York on September 24, 2015 for a six-day tour of US.

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