USA: Modi addressed the UN Summit and kept his focus on Sustainable Development and Climate Change.
Some of the key highlights from his speech:
  • Starts his speech with the quote of Mahatma Gandhi
  • We want to live in a poverty free world
  • India and UN development goals are similar
  • We should focus on sustainable development
  • We have worked on Pension schemes.
  • We have concentrated on a new sector which is, Personal sector.
  • Personal sector, for India, means individual enterprise which has micro finance, investments, movement for start up. 
  • Innovation and right direction needed for startups
  • We are encouraging Agricultural sector
  • We are reviving Manufacturing sector
  • We are investing in Infrastructural sector
  • Focussing on the development of Smart Cities
  • This Earth is our mother and we are its sons
  • In coming seven years, 175 MW renewable energy is expected to be generated
  • We will share our development and resources with other countries
  • We look at the world as one big family
  • We want Sustainable Development and Climate Change so that along with us, our upcoming generations also don’t face any problem
  • Focus on forming such a country where citizens feel safe and secure in all aspects

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