Narendra Modi during his visit to US has today gathered, along with the other leaders of the developing countries, to attend the G4 Summit.
Some of the points mentioned by him in his address speech are:
• Starts with thanking the leaders for attending the meeting on a Saturday morning
• Our group of four countries, G-4, came together in 2004 bound by our shared commitment to global peace and prosperity.
I am glad we are meeting again as heirs of government after 10 years.
• The Supreme Court must include largest demography and major locomotive of economy. 
• World now different from the time UN was formed.
Threats to peace and security have become more complex, unpredictable and undefined.
Trends in demography, urbanisation and migration are posing new challenges.
Climate change and Terrorism are new concerns.
Cyber and Space are new frontiers in challenges.
The Security Council must include the world’s largest democracies. 
We should aim to take this process to its logical conclusion during the 70the session.