New Delhi: Reacting sharply to the Congress attack on Narendra Modi, the BJP on Monday said that the “prime minister’s ongoing visit to the United States had made a good impact”.
There had been a positive impact of Modi’s visit to the US, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) spokesperson M.J. Akbar said at a press conference here while pointing out to the headlines of various national dailies.
“The prime minister has a vision for 125 crore people of India to lift them out of poverty and (to) turn their dreams into reality,” he said.
Taking a dig at the Congress, he said the opposition party would try and take credit for everything done by the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance government. 
“The Congress will take credit for everything… (they will say) somebody in the Congress did all this before,” Akbar said while talking about various schemes launched by the BJP government.
“I’m waiting for the day when the Congress takes credit for creating the garden of Eden. I think that’s the only thing they have not taken credit for,” the BJP leader remarked.
Clarifying that Modi’s interaction with world leaders and Indian diaspora on foreign soil was not a waste as was claimed by the opposition party, Akbar said there was a theme to the prime minister’s initiatives.
“There is a theme to the prime minister’s initiatives and the theme is of course the security of the nation. Today, what he said on terrorism is a powerful and definitive stand taken by him on behalf of the nation so that there can be no hypocrisy over its interpretation,” he said.
The BJP leader said that Modi was trying to raise, through the use of modern technology, the economy of undernourished parts of India.
Akbar also questioned Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi’s absence from the country, saying instead of posting the picture of an “alleged” international conference he should have explained what he was doing there.

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