DELHI: A very interesting and innovative plea has been filed by the parents in the name of three infants aged 6-14 months, in the Supreme Court, seeking ban on use of fire crackers during Diwali.
There can be two proposals related to the same, either to ban the crackers entirely or to assign a designated place where people can go and light crackers. In this way, the residential areas can be protected from both, air and noise pollution. 
When it comes to firing and lighting of crackers, some kind of Supreme Court intervention is needed so as to restrict or set the limit, because everybody is aware about the amount of toxic chemicals and gases these crackers release on burning but they don’t limit the amount of crackers thinking it’s just a one-day matter. 
It’s good to see that the infants are fighting for their environment and are thinking for the welfare of the people and the environment as well. 
It remains to be seen that when this matter comes up for hearing, how does Supreme Court deal with it and what resolution does it come up with. 

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