NEW DELHI: NewsX has accessed footage that exposes Pakistan Army’s atrocities in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK). This comes just as Pakistani NSA Sartaj Aziz raised the issue of Kashmir on another international forum. 
Sartaj Aziz blamed India of  using force to quell dissent in Jammu and Kahmir while acting completely oblivious to the inhuman treatment meted out to PoK residents of which NewsX has damning proof.
Videos have been released where Pakistan brutality is exposed. Videos of Pakistani brutality in areas of Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) such as Muzaffarabad, Gilgit and Kotli have been released where there are massive protests against the Pakistani government.
The Pakistani establishment is reportedly using atrocious force to put down rebellion in the region resorting to massive human rights violation even as Islamabad has continues to target Delhi over Kashmir and the alleged attempts to suppress the people living in the Valley.
The Narendra Modi government on Wednesday reverted to the Pak brutality and said that the videos of PoK are an ‘eye-opener’ for everyone across the globe. The Centre also has the Opposition support on the same. 
Jitender Singh, Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs who also represents Jammu and Kashmir’s Udhampur in Lok Sabha has noted that PoK dwellers are being suppressed and tortured by Islamabad since 1947.
 “There has been a simmering discontent among people from PoK for a long time. It is because of the discrimination suffered by this region as compared to other regions of Pakistan. This is not in terms of development but also in the basic facilities provided with respect to health care and education,” said Singh.
He further added that the neighbouring country has been using excessive power to suppress the protests in PoK. “Protests have taken place in the past but powers in Islamabad managed to quell it. Now it has come to a boiling point and it has come to surface. There had been instances and evidence of human right violation in PoK. They have been written about but Pakistan has been in denial mode,” he was quoted saying in a media report.
PoK is going through major protests in some parts of its region where people are waiting to be free from the Pakistan aggression.
On being quizzed, some protestors have also come in front and has pointed out that Pakistan has no right to use force on them and India is definitely a better country than Pakistan.