After the brutality by Pakistan Army in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK), the speech of Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif looks ranting and meaningless. He showed himself to be ignorant of the incident and not even once mentioned about it in his speech. On the contrary, he kept on bragging on the issue of peace, which he wants to maintain with India. (Also Read: Caught on Camera: Pak brutality exposed, Kashmiris ill-treated in PoK)
He mentioned some points, out of which, majority focussed on Kashmir issue:
I joined the post of Prime Minister in June 2013 for the third time, my aim was to maintain When peace with India. Our common enemy aim was Povery and underemployment.
Today also we witness LOC violations by India, not even sparing women and children
The two countries should discuss and resolve all issues and problems
I want to propose new peace initiative with India:
-We propose that Pakistan and India formularise and respect the 2003 understanding for a complete ceasefire on LOC in Kashmir
-We propose that Pakistan and India reaffirm not to use threat or threat of force under any circumstances.
-Steps must be taken demilitarized Kashmir.
-Agree to an unconditional mutual withdrawal from Siachen glacier, the world’s highest battleground. 
Pakistan neither wants to nor is it engaged in arms race in South Asia
As a responsible nuclear weapon state, Pakistan will continue to support the objectives of nuclear disarmament.
We look forward to playing our part to build a brighter era of peace and prosperity in South Asia.
In the entire speech of Nawaz Sharif, he continuously poked at Kashmir. Seems like, Pakistan’s UN agenda remains the same every year.
The issue between India and Pakistan is a bi-lateral issue and so it has no meaning to be discussed in the UN Assembly or in front of the UN President.  
Protests were also witnessed outside UN Against Sharif.

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