DELHI: Delli Police Special Cell has registered an FIR against unnamed persons, for their alleged links with ISIS and Ansar al-Tawhid. The FIR is based on intelligence inputs about possible militant’s strikes in a number of cities, including the national capital, Delhi. 
In India, this is the first FIR being lodged against in connection with the possible ISIS attack. 
Alerts were being sent to all the Police forces around the nation and five persons, whose activities were being monitored through local intelligence and technical surveillance. 
Evidences within the investigating authority suggest that there are chances of potential targeting operation against the Indian capital, Delhi, and other top-tier cities like Hyderabad and Mumbai.
It is known that five ISIS known linked individuals are under surveillance by investigating authority, on suspected links to ISIS and of hatching a plan to target the top cities of India.
We have also seen two individuals who have been arrested for their pro-ISIS activities. One was from Bengaluru, an ISIS propagandist, working on the social media and another, a lady from Hyderabad, who was arrested for having travelled to ISIS controlled regions in Hyderabad.
RSN Singh, Defence Expert commented, “I have been watching it very carefully. The footprints of ISIS are growing every day.” He also said that it is high time that government takes a substantial step for stopping this growing danger.
It is already known, that several people from India have travelled to Iraq and Syria, to join ISIS. 
We have to endure, that we do not let ISIS gather a foothold on the Indian soil.

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