Prime Minister Narendra Modi has debuted in ‘Bloomberg Markets Most Influential’ by making to 13th rank in its annual ranking list.  
The ranking has been topped by US Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen.
Bloomberg, appreciating PM Modi’s leadership qualities and capabilities, wrote about him, “He won election in May 2014 by the widest margin in 30 years, giving him a shot at making some investment-friendly reforms that have faced stubborn resistance in the world’s largest democracy. India might grow faster than China this year.”
Bloomberg, while explaining their criteria told that, while choosing their powerful elite, they look more into recent accomplishments than lifetime achievements. So, it is understood that Modi has debuted in the list due to India’s rapid progress in emerging as the world’s number one destination for Foreign Direct Investment, with his government being in power.
Also, according to the World Economic Forum, India has been ranked 55th on a global index of the world’s most competitive economies.
Narendra Modi’s efforts have been acknowledged and, India’s progress in recent times, have been associated with several initiatives taken by 16-month-old Modi government.
Ruchir Sharma, the only other Indian, to have made it to the list, heads global macro and emerging markets at Morgan Stanley Investment Management.
Other politicians like US President Barack Obama, Chinese premier Xi Jinping and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have been ranked above PM Modi in the list.