Hardik Patel, leader of Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti (PAAS), stated that the protest at the stadium ground of India vs South Africa ODI in Rajkot would not lead to any interruption or stalling of the match.
The venue of the match has been chosen by Hardik Patel as he believes that it is the only way to make the perturbing voices of Patidars audible to the entire nation and the government. 
Patel will be holding a “Mahapanchayat” at Ratlam on October 11, followed by gatherings and tour meetings on October 12 and October 14-15 at Morbi and Amreli respectively.  
Patel, while addressing media said, “We will be wearing t-shirts with the logo of PAAS while sitting in the stadium. The placards having our slogans such as Jai Sardar and Jai Patidar won’t be allowed in the stadium but we will try sneaking some inside the stadium.”
Also, the leader of PAAS announced that, carrying their 110-day long protest forward, they would hold a series of rallies in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Bihar. 
Also, Hardik Patel is expected to share the stage of “Mahasammelan” of Patels from Saurashtra, with Lalji Patel, the rival Patidar group leader.
The Patidar group has bought the tickets of the match and have planned everything in an organised way. They are planning to have a ‘peaceful’ protest this time.
The third ODI between India and South Africa will be played on October 18 at Khanderi stadium in Rajkot.