NEW DELHI:  Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose’s family is all set to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi tomorrow, October 14 at 5pm at his official residence at Race Course.
Just a day before their meeting with the PM, the entire family of Netaji was present in the studio of NewsX, expressing their views, feelings and their expectations from the PM.
Chandra Kumar Bose, Netaji’s grand nephew, appreciating PM modi said, “This is the first PM of India who has invited the entire Bose family to his residence. The nation demands that Modi ji returns the history.” 
Talking about their expectations from PM, Abhijit Ray, Netaji’s grand nephew said, “We are looking to our PM to release all files, relating to Subhash Chandra Bose and Sarat Chandra Bose.”
Not just the family, but the entire nation wants to know about the truth which has been hidden for so long. Chandra Kumar Bose, Netaji’s grand nephew, commented on the same, “We represent the people. It is the nation’s call that modi ji declassifies the files.” 
On being asked about the great step taken by West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee of declassifying the files, Anuj dhar, Author, appreciated this move of hers, “Mamata has done wonderful. The manner in which she has declassified is amazing. I salute the way she has done it and it puts pressure on PM.”
The family also told that the former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was informed by Justice Mukherjee that if he writes to Russia, they will declassify the files, but he did not reply. But the family appreciated Modi for taking genuine interest in the issue and they expect a positive reply from him.
Narendra Modi, tweeted about his meeting with Netaji’s kin on Twitter as well: 
Recalling their meeting with PM Modi back in Kolkata, Chittapriyo Bose, Netaji’s grand nephew said, “When we met Modi ji in Kolkata, we thought he would take it forward and that’s where our hope arose.” 
The family’s emphasis is on the revelation of the true and actual history, which has been distorted. With the files being declassified, the truth will be out as it is without any manipulation. 
In this context, Abhijit Ray, Netaji’s grand nephew said, “the history will be corrected when the files are out” “All files are important. The files with central government are more critical. “We need to know the truth what happened to Netaji after 18th august, 1945.”
The entire family is all positive about their meeting with the PM and their hopes are really high. “If there is an indication from him that he will declassify the files, then we will be very happy,” Jayanti Rakshit, Netaji’s Grand niece said with a positive note.