NewsX has been able to unearth Dawood’s 15 residences which he owns in UK, in the name of shell frontages, shell companies, “benaami”, etc.
The following is a list of 8 out of 15 Dawood’s gilded addresses: Street names and house numbers have been withheld in national interest and security. Also, the description of the buildings indicates the kind of houses one finds in different areas:
1. A two-storeyed building on Tomswood Road, Chigwell in Sussex.
2. A two-storeyed building on Herbert Road, Hornchurch.
3. Another two-storeyed building on Richmond Road, Ilford. 
4. A two-storeyed building on St. Johns Street.
5. Multi-storeyed apartments on Shepherd’s Bush Green.
6. A full building including apartments and shops on Roehampton High Street.
7. A luxury apartment on Thornton Road, Croydon.
8. A luxury apartment on Como Street, Romford, Essex.
In just over a month, Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, is going to handover this dossier containing the list of Dawood’s illegal properties managed by fronts in UK, to British Prime Minister, David Cameron., with the expectation that the United Kingdom will cooperate with Indian authorities to confiscate these properties. 
This is also a part of Modi’s ‘Demolish Dawood’ mission. 
Also, around a month ago, NewsX had also shown Dawood’s residence in Lahore, Pakistan and the kind of protection he gets in Pakistan.