NEW DELHI: After PM Modi announced in ‘Mann Ki Baat’ his radio address to the nation, that he would be meeting members of the Bose family in October to address their concern, Subhas Chandra Bose’s family that has been asking for de-classification of Netaji’s files, will finally be meeting PM Modi today at his residence.
The fulfilment of this long-standing demand of the Bose family may lead to the revelation of the story behind Netaji’s death, which till now has been a mystery.
There have been numerous speculations about Netaji’s death. People reported seeing him in Russia and China, after his death. It is due to such rumours that his death till date has remained a mystery and controversy over the cause of his disappearance has continued over the years. Successive governments used this issue to boost political mileage, but did nothing concrete to meet the Bose family’s demand.
The situation changed after West Bengal State Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee some time back de-classified selected files of Netaji and indirectly putting the onus on the Centre to de-classify all files being held by the Centre.  The de-classification of files was also one of the promises of Modi made during his general election campaign.
Time will tell if PM Modi will redeem his pledge to de-classify the secret files.

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