NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday paid tribute to late former President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam on his 84th birth anniversary. 
“Today we salute APJ Abdul Kalam and celebrate his monumental achievements as a scientist, scholar and the President of India. We fondly remember his passion for teaching and education. Dr. Kalam truly ignited young minds with the power to think and innovate. Dr. Kalam is not with us today but his thoughts, ideals and vision for India live on forever,” PM Modi tweeted.
Unveiling the statue of Dr. Kalam, PM Modi addressed a large gathering at the DRDO Bhavan in the national capital. (Also Read: 11 most inspirational quotes by late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam)
Here are the highlights of what PM Modi said:
•We will take up the dream of Dr. Kalam to transform India
•Dr. Kalam did not look for opportunities but challenges. 
•Memorial will be built for Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam at his birthplace. 
•We want the memorial to be an inspiration for future generation.
•The loss of Dr. Kalam is monumental.
•It is certainly a challenge for each one of us to keep up with his absence amongst us.
•Dr. Kalam was of a belief that a nation is strengthened by its people and not only weapons. 

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