Has justice been delivered in the Aarushi case?  Are the Talwars who are being convicted in the case really guilty of killing their own daughter?
The Aarushi-Hemraj double murder case is back once again in public discourse following a film and a book that has generated a huge public debate. Following this, the central bureau of investigation has now put up all its case files and court orders online. 
In an exclusive interview with NewsX, Aarushi’s grandfather shared some of his memories of Aarushi and of the time spent with her.
NewsX- We heard that Aarushi spent a lot of time with her grandparents:  can you share some memories with us of Aarushi?
Aarushi’s grandfather: When she was born, we brought her here. She grew up in this house. She was a bright girl in the school. She got the scholars badge for 3 years. She would stand first or second in class in DPS Noida. She was fond of her grandmother and me. We used to pick her up from school. 
NewsX- Was yours a close knot family?
Aarushi’s grandfather: Yes, we were close. Rajesh and Nupur stayed in Hauz Khas and then shifted with us to Noida when Aarushi was born. My daughter used to come in the evening, but we were available for Aarushi the whole day. We gave love to our grand-daughter.
NewsX- Was Aarushi a good student?
Aarushi’s grandfather: Yes, versatile, fond of books, fond of children, wanted to be paediatrician.
NewsX- What was your impression of Hemraj when he was working with the family?
Aarushi’s grandfather: Good, loyal, honest. Every day he would come and bring milk. We saw him every day; he never complained about anything. He was a grandfather himself.
NewsX- What kind of people are Rajesh and Nupur?
Aarushi’s grandfather: They are both kind and loving. Rajesh never got annoyed of anybody. He was kind, and same for Nupur. She was a good mother. They would both spend time with Aarushi on holidays.
NewsX- What is their state of mind currently in jail?
Aarushi’s grandfather: They are sad and disappointed, because they are behind bars. They cannot grow out of the loss of their daughter properly. They are not worried about themselves; they need justice for Aarushi.
NewsX- Why did it take you so long to speak out?
Aarushi’s grandfather: I just said earlier, it’s basically Noida Police who told us not to speak. Primarily because they didn’t want their incompetence to be disclosed in media. The media used to blame Arushi, Nupur and Rajesh all the time. They used to assassinate their characters, so it was not possible to interact with media in that atmosphere of unfriendliness.
NewsX- Sir, do you believe there was a biased investigation in the case?
Aarushi’s grandfather: There was a biased investigation with the second team, there was incompetent investigation with the police team, but there was fair investigation from the first team of CBI.
NewsX- You have spoken about the role of the UP police in carrying out a shoddy investigation- can you give us an idea of what happened in the initial phase of the investigation?
Aarushi’s grandfather: For the first phase of the police investigation, they called fingerprint expert, who didn’t know how to do the finger printing. Secondly, they don’t have any proper forensic experts. Thirdly, they didn’t permit the whole area to be blocked, which should have been done. Had they done that, they could have stopped people coming and trampling in the house and affecting the evidence. There was a lot of evidence available at that time. They could have bought sniffers, instead they started blaming us for not getting the key of the terrace. They could have broken the gate itself. Moreover, instead of telling them about blood on the lock, they didn’t collect the evidence properly.
NewsX- Why did your family not protest initially about the way the investigation was happening, for e.g., much has been said of how the crime scene was not sealed off?
Aarushi’s grandfather: How do we tell the police; police will always turn back and say, ‘You have called us, we know how to carry out the investigation’. We didn’t tamper the evidence, it the people who have tampered. They said, “Tell the people to get out of the house; it’s the police’s job.” How do you expect that we tell the people to move out of the house so that police can carry out the investigation. 
NewsX- What do you think was the intent of the UP police in cooking up the motive as many have alleged?
Aarushi’s grandfather: They wanted to wind up the investigation because of major uproar in the country and media. It was easier for them to blame Nupur and Rajesh because except Hemraj they were only people available in the house.  But, there can be others also, like Hemraj used to call his friends regularly to the house and there is no secret.  They tried to blame us because for them only four people lived in the house. One day, DSP of UP police said on Live TV, that they used liquor boxes and proof that washroom was used by many people; this shows that there were more people available that night. But still police did not carry out any investigation on this.
NewsX- Was it not better to give the investigation over to the CBI?
Aarushi’s grandfather: I really don’t know, it has to be fair investigation, and we don’t know any other institution bigger than CBI. We don’t want to get back to UP police.
NewsX- You have also raised questions about the role of the judiciary. Do you not believe it was a free and fair trial?
Aarushi’s grandfather: No it was not. I can’t produce evidence right now but if you look at the book of Avirook Sen, it has facts written over decades about judiciary which is well documented and recorded. So that is very clear that judiciary was also part of whole incidence, putting my children behind the bars.
NewsX- Many people are saying that you have recourse to a higher judiciary so why the book, movie and now the letter; is this not just a PR stunt?
Aarushi’s grandfather: We know by using PR stunt it is not going to gain anything there; only judiciary can help us.
NewsX- Can you be absolutely sure that the finger pointed at Rajesh and Nupur for their role was wrong?
Aarushi’s grandfather: CBI’s own bosses have said that they are innocent, then why on earth I have to face trial for that. A person who investigated this, the organisation who investigated, they went through the evidence at that time, and not the judiciary. Judiciary only went through the charge sheet. One day before the charge sheet was filed, the CBI director and senior officers said there was no evidence to file charge sheet against Rajesh and Nupur, and the case had to be closed. The only exception being Mr Kaul and might be his senior and council for prosecution was present there. In an organisation, if a senior says so, they have said because of evidence available with them. Whereas Kaul is concerned, he was biased against us, that’s why he built up the evidence or concurred the evidence around Rajesh and Nupur.
NewsX- What is it that you and your family want now?
Aarushi’s grandfather: We want a fair justice, nothing else. If justice is done, they will be free, that we are sure about. The truth is available; it is available in public domains and they can go through them, whether it is High Court or Supreme Court. So I am writing the letter, doesn’t mean I am pleading to release them. I am asking them to go through that and find the truth. That’s all.

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