Seems like the proverb “kalikh potna” is being taken literally by people. After Sudheendra Kulkarni’s face was smeared with blank ink by the Shiv Sainiks, it was J&K MLA Rashid Engineer’s turn today.  
Rashid was attacked when he was exiting a press conference held at Press Club in New Delhi.  He was speaking to a television channel when some individuals approached him and threw ink at his face. At the press conference Engineer attacked the Indian State over the politics taking place across the country over the beef issue.
After the ink attack Mr Rashid said, “People talk of Talibanisation of Pakistan; look what is happening in India. They are mentally ill. 80,000 people have died in Kashmir; putting ink on one Engineer Rashid will not change anything.”
“The world should know today that this Modi’s India, not Mahatma Gandhi’s India,” Mr Rashid said.
Earlier too the MLA had been beaten up by BJP leaders for organising a beef party in Srinagar on Oct 7.