UTTAR PRADESH: Today’s visit of Congress vice-president, Rahul Gandhi to Faridabad to meet the kin of the Dalit family was mocked by BJP who called it a ‘photo-op’.
One of the reporters present there asked Rahul if his visit was a ‘photo-opportunity’. Rahul Gandhi lost his cool and bursted out, “That’s insulting. It is insulting that someone says this when someone comes here. It is not insulting to me; it’s insulting to these people”.
Rubbishing all such charges he further said, “It is no ‘photo-op;’ I will visit again and again and again.”
Sympathising with the family, Rahul further added, “We will pressurise the CBI to probe into the matter. We don’t want any such incident to take place again. We will fight for it.”
Rahul’s visit has sparked another ‘photo-op’ debate something that the BJP always accuses him of, every time he visits any place.