BIHAR: PM Modi addresses rally in Nalanda, Bihar
• Ends his speech by the slogan- “Bharat Mata Ki Jai.” 
Lalu ji, Nitish ji, you try to spill as much mud as you can but ‘LOTUS’ will bloom anyhow.
Bihar will celebrate two Diwalis this year.
The wind of victory in Ladhakh has reached Bihar also.
Deceit is their identity.
Vote for development.
Three ‘Sutra’ for Bihar welfare and three for Bihar’s people’s welfare.
Electricity, water and roads- Three ‘Sutra’ for Bihar.
‘Padhai’ , ‘Kamaai’ and ‘Buzurgo ke liye Dawaai’ – Three ‘Sutra’ for the people of Bihar.
Want to free Bihar from the 18th century thinking.
The youth should have laptop not, ‘Taabeez.’
The ones who cannot even write 1,25,000 crore, will they be able to bring development in Bihar?

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