New Delhi: Geeta, a deaf-mute Indian woman who has been stranded in Pakistan for over a decade, arrived here on a flight from Pakistan, authorities said.
Indian and Pakistani officials were present at the Indira Gandhi International Airport to receive her.
According to Pakistan High Commission here, Geeta, who came to Delhi by a Pakistan International Airlines flight 272, is accompanied by members of Edhi Foundation, a social welfare organisation that has been looking after her since 2003 when she crossed over to Pakistan accidentally.
External affairs ministry spokesperson Vikas Swarup said on Saturday that Geeta has already identified one family as possibly being that of her parents.
“We will be doing DNA testing to establish conclusive proof. If the DNA tests match, Geeta will be handed over to that family. If not, we have identified suitable institutions where she will be looked after,” Swarup said.
Geeta, now in her early 20s, was around 11 years old when she inadvertently crossed the border to Pakistan.
In 2003, Geeta — then 11 years old — was spotted by the Pakistan Rangers in Lahore, and handed over to the Edhi Foundation. Bilquis Edhi, who runs the Edhi Foundation, has named her Geeta.
As per a current update, Geeta has refused to recognise the Mahato family as hers. The DNA tests are awaited.
The Pakistan High Commission had scheduled a reception today evening for Ms. Geeta. In  view of the massive earthquake in Pakistan and loss of lives, the reception has been cancelled.