New Delhi: The Beef controversy has once again grabbed headlines. This came after a complaint was made by Hindu activists to the Delhi police regarding beef being served at Kerala House.  Acting on the complaint the Delhi Police conducted a ‘raid’ at Kerala House and found that instead of beef, it was buffalo meat that was being served. The food item on the menu which was mentioned by the name of ‘Beef fry’ was actually buffalo meat.
Rashid Alvi, a senior Congress Leader criticized the move made by Delhi Police. He felt the police acted on a random complaint and raided the House without cross-checking the facts.
Further criticizing the Delhi Police, the Congress said, “The Delhi Police must apologise to the people of Kerala because this is an insult to them. The Hindu Sena must be told where to stop and it is Prime Minister’s duty to tell them to restrain.” 
Kerala Chief Secretary Jiji Thomson said, “Definitely there is room for complaint against this action and we have lodged a complaint against this.”
Oommen Chandy, Kerala CM also slammed the Delhi Police saying, “Even if there was a complaint, there are procedures to be followed. I am of the opinion that Delhi police should have restrained from doing what they did.” The Kerala CM has written to PM Modi regarding the raid.  
AAP party leader Ashutosh tweeted, “Delhi Citizens are killed in police custody. Modi police chasing beef. Can a police commissioner be more incompetent?” He directly hit at Bassi for the move taken by the Delhi Police.
Ramesh Chennithala, Kerala Home Minister condemned the incident and said, “They cannot come just like that into the premises of the Kerala House. Delhi police should have informed the Kerala House authority before entering.” 
A K Antony, Former Union Minister commented, “It is an individual’s freedom of choice to eat whatever one wanted. One’s individual freedom should not be curtailed.” 
Delhi CM, Arvind Kejriwal also denounced the incident saying, “I strongly condemn the Delhi police raid on Kerala House. Delhi police had no business to enter Kerala House. It is an attack on Federal structure. Delhi Police is acting like BJP Sena.” The Delhi CM backed senior journalist Shekhar Gupta’s view regarding the Kerala House raid. 
Delhi Commissioner, BS Bassi defended the Delhi Police raid saying, “It was only a preventive measure.”
Mamata Banerjee, Bengal CM also reacted to the incident calling it an unwise act.
AIMIM attacked Delhi Police saying, “Delhi cops have misplaced priorities. Officials who conducted raid should be punished.” 
Kerala Home Minister on the issue said, “This is not acceptable, filing a complaint against cops; cops didn’t follow procedure; we weren’t kept in the loop; Kerala House never served beef.” 
Reacting to the controversy, CPM leader Brinda Karat said, “Delhi Police has no right to raid like this, as there is no ban on buffalo meat in Delhi. On what basis have the Delhi Police raided Kerala House”. She questioned the move by the Kerala House officials who scrapped buffalo meat from the menu. She felt that they were giving in to pressure from the RSS, which was incorrect accordingy to her because buffalo meat was a ‘dietary preference’ in Kerala House.
The menu has now been altered and the name of ‘Beef Fry’ has been removed from the menu. 
All MPs of Kerala present in the National Capital protested at Kerala House at 4pm this evening. Slogans saying “Our food; our Right”, were raised by protestors. They demanded that “beef fry” be put back on the menu.
The staff at the Kerala House said they wouldn’t be serving buffalo meat because of the recent controversy and will decide later whether to include it in the menu.