New Delhi: RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan while speaking on growing intolerance in the country said that mutual tolerance is crucial for the country. “Bans cannot be a quick resort as they kill and stifle all kinds of debates. Intolerance is equal to insecurity”, said Rajan.
Rajan while condemning intolerance said, “Tolerance improves quality of debate and can take offence out of debate”.
Congress, the principal opposition party supported Rajan’s views on intolerance by saying Rajan was echoing India’s voice.
Congress party national spokesperson Charan Singh Sapra supported Rajan’s views and said, “Raghuram is right in saying that there has to be some tolerance for economic progress and economic reforms.” The spokesperson also said that at present there is a lot of intolerance everywhere. This intolerance was earlier evident in the political field but now it was being
seen in the economic field too.
Sapra also said that on one side PM Modi was trying to promote the ‘Make in India’ campaign by going abroad to sell India’s products, but on the other hand there was no tolerance in the economic reforms and a person like the RBI governor Raghuram Rajan had to go ahead and condemn the rising intolerance in the country. Singh felt that this sent out an incorrect message to the business community and to the country as a whole.
However, Rajan’s comments could not garner the same support from BJP, where BJP’s Subramanian Swamy criticised Raghuram over his ‘tolerance’ message.
Swamy said, “Rajan must go back to the Reserve Bank and do his job. He has no business of talking like a grandfather here. What do you mean by tolerance? Tolerance of what-tolerance of terrorism… He made a mess of Reserve Bank and probably wants to go back to America where he belongs”. Swamy said that the PM should sack such people who are not committed to the country.

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