INDONESIA: The recent development and a fast one is that Chhota Rajan will be deported to India by tonight. The Indian government is now working on the next step as to where to keep him.
While speaking to media, Rajan confessed that some of the Mumbai police officials are working for Dawood and so there is threat to his life there. He also said, “The Delhi government should take a decision keeping the same in mind.” 
According to sources, Government is thinking on keeping him in high-profile Arthur Road jail in Mumbai since most of the cases against him are filed in Mumbai.
If rumours are to be believed, Rajan might be lodged in the same high-security cell where 26/11 attack main suspect Kasab was kept. 
The Indian Enforcement Agency met Rajan today for the second time. In their first meet yesterday also, things were quite favourable towards the deportation process.
Chhota Rajan has not opposed his deportation. In fact, he has shown inclination towards going to India, other than going to Zimbabwe or any other country.
So, the Indian Enforcement Agency does not face much hurdle other than the legal documentation that has to be completed as per the Indonesian authorities.

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