On the eve of his freedom march, veteran actor and BJP supporter Anupam Kher spoke exclusively to NewsX Editor-in-Chief Rahul Shivshankar and discussed his reasons behind leading the #IndiaIsTolerant view and his #MarchForIndia.

Here are some of Anupam Kher’s thoughts that he shared with NewsX:

1) I think it’s unfair to personalize the attack. The problem is that we are talking in metaphors, and metaphors can be interpreted in many ways. I totally agree with the statement of Raghuram Rajan.  Whatever he had said is absolutely right, but why are we interpreting that he is trying to tilt his angle against the ruling government.

2) Why is the President’s statement being said… oh this is an indirect… What he is saying even I will say… because he sees what’s happening in other parties or in the ruling party.

3) I am not saying that the ruling party is absolutely pure (Dood Ki Dhuli Hui Hai). Like there are DigVijays in one party, so there are Yogi Adityanaths in other parties.

4) I would ask Shah Rukh Khan to tweet against Hafiz Saeed and reject his offer to join Pakistan.

5) We are so used to dynastic rule in this country that we are not able to tolerate a certain section of people… a ‘chai-wala’ becoming a Prime Minister. Everything is directed towards the Prime Minister; this happened, the PM didn’t speak; that happened, the PM didn’t speak. We had a Prime minster for 10 years who did not speak a single word. I am glad that today he talked about some issues but it looks like as if he was given a paper to read from.

6) I don’t think there is any politician who has been more abused by people of rival parties than Mr. Modi, such as being called ‘Bhasmusur’, ‘Khoon ke Saudakgar’, etc. If we have the right to say that, then it means we live in a free country. No one is behind bars for saying something like that to a PM.

7) While returning an award to talk… about our atrocities is the only platform one should speak. You should go to the 1993 International Conference of Kashmiri Pandits where I had spoken. You should go to various forums where I spoke about it.

8) Are you trying to say that returning an award is the only way to… that I can’t go accepting an award and then use that platform for talking about a cause. But that does not take it from me that I will not talk about those incidents which had happened in the past. If I am getting a Filmfare award or a National award… That does not mean that this is the end of the world, but there are other ways or platforms. If you are trying to imply that I have double standards then I think you are completely wrong. Instead of accepting an award, say that I am sorry, I am not accepting this award because of this and that problem.

9) Why do you think we have asked the PM to give us time. We don’t want to only talk about sort of say that Ok India is tolerant, but we also want to sort of say that maybe these people have a point of view. I think if the Government of India would have listened to the majority of people about the appointment of the Chairmen of the Pune Institute, may be this problem would not have happened.

10) I wish Rahul Gandhi was like Narendra Modi. I wish that every time he made a statement, it should make me feel very proud.

11) Why can’t I have the fundamental right of being straight forward and saying that I am doing it for a reason, that I am feeling for it? I don’t want any positions from BJPBeing an individual I have much more power than being part of an establishment.

Watch this space for more on #MarchForIndia.

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