SP Leader Azam Khan has sparked another controversy by justifying the Paris attacks saying, “Paris lit-up with ill-gotten oil.” SP leader blamed the Western nations saying that “It must be seen who lit the matchstick first.” 
Azam Khan backed the Paris attacks saying that the US and Europe’s greed for oil is the reason behind attack. The reason given by him behind the attacks is the exploitation of the oil reserves by the Western nations.
Terming the attack as a ‘reaction to an action’ he said, “European cities have been lit up with the ill-gotten wealth from the oil reserves of the Middle-east.” 
Pointing towards the Western nations and their tendency to exploit the weaker nations Azam Khan said, “One must see who attacked innocents first, before moving to conclusions.”
BJP Leader Sidharth Nath Singh condemned the statement saying, “It is highly unwanted and a condemned statement because it puts India in a bad light, puts India’s fight against terror in a bad light. Akhilesh Yadav should put a check on Mr. Azam Khan.” 
Rashid Alvi, Senior Congress Leader said, “I strongly condemn his statement. Under any circumstances, no one can justify this attack of terror.”
BJP condemned the statement of the SP leader saying, “Azam being senior leader must avoid such remarks.” 
On one hand we have our PM who is asking for support and initiatives in order to curb terrorism and on the other hand we have voices such as that of Azam Khan who set a negative image of India by making such statements.
Earlier also, Khan sparked a controversy calling PM Modi one of the “Top ten criminals of the world.”

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