While the world stood united against the brutal terror attacks that took place on Friday in Paris, ‘Netas’ in India are trying to politicise the entire issue for votes. The latest to join the queue is Congress’ spokesperson, Shakeel Ahmad, who has linked religion with the arrest of Dawood’s former aide and ULFA terrorist, Anup Chetia. 
Ahmad said that had the duo been Muslims then the narrative spun of the Modi government would have been different. 
Ahmad tried to suggest that the Modi government treats Muslim terrorists differently from the ones belonging to different denominations. 
Yesterday Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar shocked the nation by making a controversial statement against Modi saying, “Remove Modi and get us (Congress) back to resume dialogue.” 
He appealed to Pakistan to help them remove Modi from power. 
Nalin Kohli, BJP Spokesperson condemned the same saying, “Why are Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi silent?”
Such consecutive statements by the leaders of the Congress party is not just bringing them in bad light but also portraying India as a secular country. 

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