A big development in the Mumbai 26/11 case occurred as Tada Court made Pakistan-born American terror operative David Coleman Headley, one of the suspects in the Mumbai attacks legally accused.  

Nikunj Garg, Internal affairs editor, NewsX said, “This has been done on the complaint made by Mumbai police. Mumbai Police is the lead investigative agency in this case while the rest of the case is being handled by the NIA . By making David Headley a co-accused in the entire charge, they are trying to ensure that whatever legal formalities are required by the international forums… because along with David Headly we also require the extradition of Tahawwur Rana who is also a co-accused. We also have certain legal obligations to get fulfilled with the United Nations vis-a-vis the other masterminds of the terror attacks of Mumbai 26/11 in Pakistan and all these formalities would require a certain amount of judicial backup. This would not have come unless and until Headley would not have been made a co-accused in the entire conspiracy. So this has been done to basically fulfil certain international requirements of law.”

YP Singh former IPS office said, “This clearly reveals the double standards of the US, because what was far more important is to get the custody of Headley in custodial interrogation so that several ramifications which have not become crystal clear could be crystallized with respect to 26/11. But for all these years precious evidences are getting lost and we have not got any access to Headley, especially related to his intensive interrogation. So it is a small step but not a substantive one, till the time US is very cooperative with India in this investigation.” 

According to Vikas Singh, former ASG, the govt has defaulted in this case. They should have started steps even before the court ruled out asking the govt for Headley to be brought back. The extradition process is an administrative process which the govt should have started with Headley and approached the US court for his extradition  so that he could be brought back and would have faced trial here to unearth the larger conspiracy. So it is a positive step but a little late, because it is coming from the court. The initiative should have been made by the govt.

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